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Online Loan Network allows consumers to borrow quick cash with a limit of $2,500. These small loans are repaid quickly and can actually help improve your credit score when paid on time. Online Loan Network specializes in bad credit cases, so if you have a poor credit history or missed payments in the past, this should not be an issue when applying for their services.

Fees & Rates
Approval & Funding Time
Support Staff
Requirements & Ease of Approval
  • Fast funding
  • Loans up to $2,500
  • Good payments improve credit
  • Bad credit is OK
  • Not available in Canada or UK
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When searching for small loans like LendUp and CashNetUSA online, there aren’t always a ton of available options that scream quality. Many lenders are available for quick loans online, but not all of them are trustworthy and most offer incredibly steep rates and fees. This makes it crucial for you to compare the best lenders online in order to discover the lowest rates accompanied by the highest approval rates.

FindOnlineLoans looked into Online Loan Network and we were impress with what we saw. Their services are easy to understand and all of the fees are clearly explained before you commit to a loan. Furthermore, we spent a lot of time on calls with their support team and the entire process went smoothly.

What is Online Loan Network?

At its core, Online Loan Network is a short-term lender that provides small loans to people who usually get turned down by other financial institutions such as local banks. If you’ve applied for a loan with your bank and they turned you down, chances are you will be approved for a small loan with Online Loan Network.

Fees & Rates

Fees are highly dependant on your location. Each state has its own regulations, but in most cases, you will pay the lowest amount of fees possible when choosing Online Loan Network. They have a whole section of their website dedicated to explain fees and rates, which you can view here: Online Loan Network Fees

Support Team

Often, you will find a great online lender, but their support team is almost inexistent. This makes it very difficult for you to contact them for more detailed information, to ask questions about your payments or even to let them know that you may be late on a payment this month. However, this isn’t the case with Online Loan Network. Every single time we called, we were connected to an agent within minutes and each call was efficient at answering the questions we had.

*Keep in mind that we never mentioned this review when calling them.

Loan Amounts & Eligibility

Applying for short term loans for bad credit online usually limits you to smaller amounts. For instance, LendUp loans only permit you to borrow up to $250. This causes an issue when you actually need money rather than simply working on improving your credit score. Fortunately, Online Loan Network is capable of providing you with loans as high as $2,500. This applies to first-time clients as well. So whether it’s your first time borrowing money online or even if you’ve taken out 10 loans in the past 4 years, Online Loan Network can help you get a few thousand dollars.


If you need cash loans as fast as tomorrow and you need more than a couple hundred, Online Loan Network is one of the top options worth considering. They have an impressive support team that responds rapidly with accurate, useful information. Their platform is easy to browse when seeking important information such as fees & rates for your current location. To top it all off, they have an entire paperless application procedure, so you won’t have to worry about printing and faxing any documents. We highly recommend exploring their services if you’re in need of loans ranging from $100 to $2,500.

Tamara quit her day job at a major bank to become a full-time freelancer. Her financial expertise shows in the quality of her reviews.

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