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iCashLoans is a simple loan aggregator that allows you to quickly compare rates and find the ideal lender for your specific needs. Enter the basic information required by your form and you will instantly see whether or not you're approved for an online loan. iCashLoans has been around for nearly a decade and continues to strive as one of the best loan providers in the business.

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Does thinking about trying to find a loan make your stomach churn, but you know you need the cash fast? Is it too hard to trust random online companies, but you can’t wait for a bank to process your application?

Believe it or not, a solution really does exist for this dilemma. While loans should be reserved for financial emergencies or big purchases and you should never take one out without a surefire repayment plan, loans are much more manageable than you may believe.

You can have an even easier time with getting a loan if you use a website called iCashLoans. We’ll take a look at who they are, what they do, why they offer it, and how to obtain their amazing service. This review looks closer at the free loan connection service that iCashLoans provides and highlights their best qualities.

What Kind Of Service Does iCashLoans Provide?

iCashLoans is not a bank, a direct lender, or any form of financial institution that issues out loans.  While they are a big part of the lending industry, they provide a useful service that is entirely free for you to use.

Instead of lending you money, iCashLoans is a platform that provides you with tools to get matched with lenders all at once. Services like this are called loan connection websites, or loan matchers. iCashLoans specifically is connected to over 100 different lenders, which provides you with tons of options.

How Does Their Loan Connection Service Work?

Connection loan services, including iCashLoans specifically, have a unique function in the lending business. They intake your information in a fast, simple application and then they submit it to their network of trusted banks and lenders.

From there, these lenders review your application immediately and you’re sent an offer. iCashLoans collects these offers to present to you so you can see your range of options. Exact details on the loan will have to be gathered from the direct lender, but iCashLoans gives enough information on them to do some window shopping.

The network of loan companies pay iCashLoans to find borrowers for them. That’s how the service makes it money, meaning using it as a borrower is entirely free. Plus, it’s obligation free, so you never have to accept or feel pressure to sign any deal iCashLoans presents you.

Once you’ve found the loan you want and agreed to the contract, iCashLoans takes a step back. The business is between you and the lender now until you’re ready for a new loan elsewhere in the future.

Is iCashLoans Safe To Use?

Outside of filling in the application that iCashLoans shares with it’s network of lenders, they don’t need anything from you at all. You won’t be paying for their service or signing anything that makes you tied to their operation in any way. Because of this, iCashLoans is perfectly safe to use.

If you’re still concerned, take a look at their privacy policy. It’s easily found and easy to understand, stating what information they use and how they use it. Most of what you give iCashLoans is shared with their network of lenders to find your best match.

What Do iCashLoans Look Like?

Since they use a variety of networks and lenders, it’s hard to say for sure what a loan will look like down the exact details. However, iCashLoans does have some preset variables when it comes to what they are willing to present to you, so you can expect to be offering loans within these ranges set by the connection site.

Loans found with iCashLoans are somewhere between these ranges:

  • Your funds could be made available in as little as 24 hours
  • $100 minimum loan amount
  • $1,000 maximum loan amount
  • Varying APR, term lengths, repayment plans, and fee differences
  • Fast, simple application
  • Attentive customer service
  • Full transparency and honesty on every offer

How Does iCashLoans Compare To Others

Loan connection services aren’t uncommon and they can be found just about anywhere. However, not all of them are as trustworthy as iCashLoans. You’ll see a lot of these platforms having fake lenders and too many advertisements on it to go off-site.

iCashLoans keeps everything contained where they are until you move on to the official lender you’ve agreed to borrow from. This is one way they stand out in the front of the pack.

You’ll also have a lot more access to lenders with iCashLoans than most matchers. With 100+ lending companies onboard, each verified and trusted by iCashLoans, you have more than enough companies to review your loan and make an offer.

If that wasn’t enough, iCashLoans claims to have serviced over 4 million customers since it’s beginning. That’s a huge number and good proof of a successful business.

How To Apply For iCashLoans

Another great part about loan connection services is their speed. The applications are pretty basic, so it isn’t hard to fill out. If you’re truthful on the application with iCashLoans, the offers they present you will stay consistent as you move on to phasing into business with the direct lenders.

To apply for iCashLoans, just choose the amount of money you’re needing, enter in your email address, and fill in some basic personal information. Each question is explained in depth, and shown consecutively.

If you still need help, you can contact customer service, which is known for being attentive and eager to help you get started on iCashLoans.

To qualify for an iCashLoans offer, you’ll need:

  • To be at least 18
  • An American citizen
  • Proof of employment
  • Over $1,000 monthly income (after taxes)
  • Have an active phone number, email address, and residence
  • An open bank account

Getting Started With iCashLoans

Are you feeling confident enough to get started? iCashLoans is an easy solution to the struggles you are dreading having to face when looking for a loan. Since it’s entirely free, there is no reason why you shouldn’t give iCashLoans a try and see what they can find to offer you!

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Monica Tillman is a full-time writer at FindOnlineLoans, where she dedicates a lot of effort towards creating high quality and completely unbiased reviews.

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