6 Installment Loans Like Plain Green With Low Rates

Some online lenders set the bar high for others to compare against. Plain Green has been a trustworthy tribal installment loan company operating online since 2011 and have build up a large customer base and a history of successful transaction with hundreds of thousands of loans issued.

However, like so many online loan options available, Plain Green comes at a high price for using their services. The interest fees are steep, and it can be financially devastating to miss a payment.

You don’t have to risk losing everything when you need an installment loan. Discover these 6 companies with the same trustworthy reputation that Plain Green has at a lower cost and fewer risks.


1.   USANewLoan

Visit USANewLoan

One of the greatest things about the internet is anyone can use it, but that also makes it a scary place. This is especially true when it comes to your finances. Scouring the net to ensure the company you choose isn’t a scam is time consuming, not to mention stressful.

USANewLoan is a connection service offered to find the best lenders for what you want specifically and bringing their offers to your attention. It’s free of charge to sign up, and it makes shopping for low rate installment loans as easy as it gets.

Your USANewLoan experience will also provide you with:

  • Up to $35,000 maximum amount on a loan
  • Attentive and fast-responding support staff
  • Receive an approval notice within an hour of applying
  • Have funds in your account no more than 2 days later
  • Applying never hurts your credit score
  • Those with poor credit are welcome!
  • Less time spent worrying on finding a company you qualify for

2.   Check City

Visit Check City

Trusting online companies and virtual promises can be a hard thing to ask yourself to do, but it’s a little easier when the company has physical stores open. Check City has stone and mortar locations in 4 different states and excellent history with their borrowers.

Though their APR varies depending on the details of your loan term, they are considerably lower than companies like Plain Green, and never reach more than 913%.

Check City Installment Loans come with some really great statistics, such as:

  • No credit check required for application
  • Several customizable repayment options and loan terms
  • The maximum loan amount reaches $2,500
  • Flexible, reliable staff to work with you on getting the debt paid
  • APR can be as low as 183%
  • Acceptance confirmation within the hour
  • Funds in your account in a maximum of 3 days

3.   CashNetUSA

Visit CashNetUSA

If you are on the hunt for the lowest rates out of them all, CashNetUSA is the direction to stiff out. Their interest rates rarely exceed past 800% and are often much lower, depending on the unique details of your loan commitment with them.

Every online loan will come at a price, but CashNetUSA tries to make it as little of a fee as possible. They may not feel as put together as Plain Green, but they offer an exceptional alternative to the staggering interested rates that other places slap you with.

All the best details relating to CashNetUSA loans include:

  • Instant acceptance or denial after submitting your application
  • Funds in your account the next business day
  • Maximum loan amount is $3,400 with a $100 minimum
  • Quick & easy application process
  • Full access to an amazing support team
  • Flexible payment schedules

4.   Check Into Cash

Visit Check Into Cash

This long-time lender first began giving loans in 1993 and has come a long way since then in servicing those in financial need. In their massive selection of financial services, they provide installment loans for a much lower rate than payday loans and other forms of financial debt.

Since you can only have one loan through Check Into Cash open at a time, it’s recommended to consider their installment loan services before thinking about a payday loan. You risk less going through a company like Check Into Cash who offers great deals on installment loans and you save more money than Plain Green would!

Getting an installment loan through Check Into Cash gets you closer to success with these details:

  • Up to $3,000 maximum loan amount
  • Flexible term options and payment plans
  • Instant approval and pre-qualifying availabilities
  • No fees for early payments
  • Available to 7 different statuses and looking to expand
  • Accepts those with bad credit

5.   iCash Loans

Visit iCash Loans

Like USANewLoan, iCash Loans works as a connection service to bring you the information and available offers by legit companies online you quality for. It works under the same principle as other connection services for loans, but it falls this far behind USANewLoan because of it’s less streamlined business model.

Finding companies like Plain Green easily and fast through iCash Loans can give the opportunity to meet lenders with low rates and easy repayment plans, the things you actually want, without the work being put in on your end. Getting a cheaper alternative to Plain Green shouldn’t take you hours, so iCash Loans can help.

Loans found with the iCash Loans service include:

  • Your funds could be available in 24 hours
  • Between $100-$1,000 loan amounts
  • Lots of options for APR, term length, and payment plans
  • Simple application and dedicated customer service
  • Full disclosure on every aspect of the site including warnings about companies

6.   Installment Loan SOS

Visit Installment Loan SOS

We turn once again to the excellent support of connection services for lenders, and Installment Loans SOS is a truly great option to choose from. It works largely like the others mentioned, but comes with top-of-the-line encryption and privacy policies

Like their website motto states, Installment Loan SOS works as a financial life raft for getting you out of sticky situations quickly. It is affiliated with plenty of low-rate installment loan companies online with several options and repayment flexibility.

Installment Loan SOS is known for providing these to their customers:

  • Confirmation of your approval in less than 5 minutes
  • $2,500 maximum loan amount available
  • Affiliated with lots of online lenders
  • Their application is quick and easy and never hurts your credit score
  • Next-day funding
  • Perfectly risk free window shopping for loan options

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