8 LendUp Alternatives for Short Term Loans Online

LendUp is one of the best ranked online lenders when it comes to short term lending. However, there are a ton of other loans like LendUp that can also provide you with a similar service. If you aren’t a fan of the LendUp ladder which blocks first-time borrowers at $250 loans, then you will truly enjoy the following list of sites like LendUp. Make sure to read through the information about the following 8 lenders like LendUp so you can find the company that best suits your needs.

#1 – For Larger Loans like LendUp


Visit LendYou

At the very top of this list is our LendYou review.

LendYou has been around for roughly 4 years and they have established a relatively excellent reputation with online borrowers. First, we want to talk about their interface. The online application process is a true breeze. You can quickly fill out a loan agreement, choose your desired monthly payments (for larger loans) and get your loan application reviewed or otherwise endorsed within minutes.

However, LendYou really shines with its available loan options – you can pick from the following three types of loans:

  • Personal loan
  • Installment loan
  • Cash advance loan

If you’re in need of loans for bad credit, you can get approved for a cash advance loan with a credit score as low as 300. Installment loans are another form of small loans, but these can be paid out in monthly payments, rather than in a matter of days. Lastly, personal loans are more similar to loan options that you would find at traditional financial institutions – the loan amounts are much higher and the loan duration can be over a year long.

Due to the fact that LendYou offers personal loans, it’s one of the best sites like LendUp for finding larger loans on the internet. The main benefit of personal loans includes the ability to get lower interest rates, larger loan amounts and being able to enjoy paying the loan over several months rather than just 1 month.

LendYou also has an impressive support staff which is available at all times.

They can be contact by email or by phone:  (888) 775-0859

1125 E Broadway, #545 Glendale, CA 91205

#2 – For Next-Day Funding

Happy Loans

Visit Happy Loans

Happy Loans is another excellent choice when searching for loans like LendUp online that can provide you with next-day funding. Whether you have excellent credit or are in need of credit repair, Happy Loans makes most application processes get approved. As a newer loan company, there are fewer Happy Loans reviews than there are LendUp reviews online, but don’t let that fool you – they are a solid alternative to payday lending that can allow you to borrow money online up to $2,500. That is 10 times more than the first-time borrower can take on with LendUp loans.

Once again, this online lender is beautifully built and makes it incredibly simple to apply online for short term loans. While you won’t be able to get business loans or even secured loans, you will still be able to borrow a decent amount of money in the form of a personal loan.

This payday alternative is also a much better than solution when compared to credit cards and other high-interest lending options online. Happy Loans has a low rate option and performs less-strict credit checks so most applicants can get approved for online lending regardless of their poor credit or credit card debt. However, all applicants are required to have some sort of proof of income making a minimum of $800 per month and be at least 18 years of age.

You can call Happy Loans directly at: 866-956-2474

Alternatively, you can visit their contact page to send them a message.

#3 – Personal Loans Up To $3,000


Visit ExtraLend

ExtraLend is another great options when seeking companies like LendUp that can provide fast funds for larger loan amounts. The cash loan provided by ExtraLend can reach as high as $3,000, making it one of the best solutions for large personal loans without having to have excellent credit. Poor credit scores are approved and most applicants with scores as low as 400 can manage to apply online and get approved in under 1 hour.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Must be 18 years old
  • Must have a checking account
  • Must be a USA resident
  • Must have proof of income (min. $800 per month)

In most cases, ExtraLend can connect you with a direct lender and have the funds wired to your bank account in just 1 business day. Compared to LendUp loans, ExtraLend is much larger, allowing you to pay off other credit card debt, buy a second-hand vehicle or even get ready for the holidays.

As personal installment loans, ExtraLend is a payday alternative that does not provide cash advances. This means the APR range will typically be lower than what you may expect from other payday loan lenders like LendUp.

1041 4th Avenue, Suite 302, Oakland, CA 94606
1 (855) 826-47-88

#4 – For Excellent Support 24/7


Visit USANewLoan

USANewLoan is capable of providing you with cash advance loans and installment loans that allow you to get your hands fast funds. These loans typically come with higher apr rates, but last much shorter durations than personal loans, so you will normally have these loans repaid in a matter of weeks.

Where USANewLoan really stands out is with their customer support team, which is capable of providing you with outstanding support 24/7 by mail, phone or even live chat. When it comes to online short-term loans, it’s very rare to see live chat as a contact option, making USANewLoan one of a kind and truly dedicated to providing their clients with the ultimate assistance.

Their application process can be completed within a matter of minutes and everything can be completed online, allowing you to fill out the form and get approved within an hour or less. Electronic signatures prevent you from having to print out the loan agreement and you don’t need to scan anything either.

You can contact USANewLoan with the following information or visit their website for a live chat session immediately.


1125 E Broadway, #545 Glendale, CA 91205.

#5 – For More Types of Loans


Visit CashNetUSA

With over 3 million customers to date, CashNetUSA is one of the most popular and most-used online lender for the past decade. CashNetUSA reviews are almost entirely positive and with so many previous users, this alone proves the quality of their offered services.

One of the best things about CashNetUSA loans is their variety of loan options and the various types of loans that you can get from their single platform. CashNetUSA provides clients with the following ways for getting financing online:

  • Payday loans
  • Cash advances
  • Installment loans
  • Line of credit
  • Personal loans

CashNetUSA is often compared to LendUp loans but with much more variety. They share the same amount of popularity and a similar type of support staff, making them one of the best loans like LendUp for borrowing fast funds online. Instant approvals are available most of the time as long as you meet all of the eligibility requirements and have fair credit. Poor credit or lack of payment history may cause a more in-depth review with the credit bureaus.

You can contact CashNetUSA by phone, email or live chat.



#6 – For Loans Up To $5,000


Visit RubikLoan

Whether you’re in need of student loans, an auto loan or even if you just want to stay clear of payday loan sites when applying for funds online, RubikLoan is an amazing option worth considering. Once approved, you will receive a direct deposit with the funds sent directly to your checking account.

Unless you deal with late payment fees, you will be able to build your credit as you make your monthly payments. RubikLoan reports your good payment habits to the major credit unions so you can increase your FICO score when paying on time.

Their loans can reach as high as $5,000, yet their loan rates are very reasonable, making them an amazing alternative to payday loans and one of the best sites like LendUp for borrowing short-term funds online.

If you need fast cash online and you’re tired of all the credit monitoring that comes along with traditional loans, you’re going to love applying for financing at RubikLoan.

You can contact them by phone at: (855) 411-3330

#7 – For Loans as Small as $50

Check Into Cash

Payday lenders specialize in providing consumers with small amount loans with high intro apr fees and a low minimum credit score. Well, if that’s what you’re looking for, Check Into Cash has what you want. While their credit inquiries are much easier to pass through than regular personal loans, Check Into Cash also often offers lower rates.

Be cautious though with payday loan sites of the kind as if you have trouble with the loan repayment, you may have to deal with a collection agency and this will most certainly affect your credit. Check Into Cash is very clear when stating the terms in the loan agreement though and when paying on time, you will actually notice an increase in your credit score.

One of the plus sides with Check Into Cash is that you can borrow money online as little as $50. Most other loans like LendUp start off at $100, which is still pretty low. However, if you just want a tiny loan online for credit repair purposes, Check Into Cash is the way to go.

You can contact Check Into Cash by phone, email or visit one of their local branches.


201 Keith Street, Suite 80, Cleveland, TN 37311


#8 – For $4,000 Low-Interest Loans 


For payday loan alternatives and better solutions than sites like LendUp, you’re going to love OppLoans. They can offer loan amounts as high as $4,000 and they have the ability to get you nearly instant approval. Once approved, you can expect a direct deposit of the funds in your checking account the very next day. You will need a checking account in order to accept the funds – savings accounts are not permitted.

Rated A+ with the BBB and 4.8 stars in Google customer ratings, OppLoans is certainly a trustworthy lender. Explore their platform to learn all about the services they have to offer and you certainly won’t be let down when choosing them for your personal installment loan needs.

You can contact OppLoans by email or phone.

(800) 990-9130


871 Coronado Center Drive
Suite 200 Office 266
Henderson, NV 89052
(702) 940-2253

Monica Tillman is a full-time writer at FindOnlineLoans, where she dedicates a lot of effort towards creating high quality and completely unbiased reviews.

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