Meet the People Who Make This Site Possible

Our Financial Experts

Joshua Patterson

Financial writer and research expert at FindOnlineLoans, Joshua delivers engaging content on a regular basis.

Monica Tillman

Full-time writer, she dedicates a lot of effort towards creating high quality and completely unbiased reviews.

Tamara Wright

Tamara quit her day job at a major bank to become a full-time freelancer. Her financial expertise shows in the quality of her reviews.

Our Management Team

Jason Newman

Jason is a full-time website developer and puts his excellent coding skills to good use at FindOnlineLoans as well as other sites in our network.

Donovan Dreschel

When Donovan isn't running his photography business, he enjoys pitching in on our platform as a content editor.

Amanda Parker

Amanda is the head social media manager for FindOnlineLoans and over a dozen other sites from our network.

David Lebrun

David is the founder of FindOnlineLoans. He also owns other web properties including FreeSitesLike, CompareSix, FreeAppsLike and several more.

How We Got Started

FindOnlineLoans is the creation of a young Canadian father who spent many years researching, analyzing and comparing financial services on the internet. David Lebrun launched FindOnlineLoans in 2017 at the age of 27 and he continues to dedicate most of his time towards expanding the platform.

In the beginning, David worked alone, building the website, writing all of the content and gaining traffic. As months went by, a stable source of income allowed him to hire his very first writer. He spent days reading resumes, cover letters and trial articles. About a week into the hiring process, Monica Tillman joined the team.

Monica is a highly-driven and incredibly dedicated financial expert who loves everything revolving around money. Her words spoke to David and he immediately offered her a full-time position reviewing all sorts of online financial services.

As the months went by, more writers joined the team and eventually, FindOnlineLoans became a family of 7. We are all dedicated to financial news and updates. This makes our content way more interesting to read and the information we provide is actually valuable – it’s not just fluff and a bunch of listed facts like most affiliate review sites publish. We place ourselves in your shoes and try to provide the absolute best assistance so you can get out of debt, so you can quickly borrow money online and so you can make smarter investments for the future.

Follow our team on a journey that will help you save money, borrow money and make money – always with the best possible terms!

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